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PulsaCoil A Class Repair London E14

Limeharbour, London, E14

PulsaCoil A Class Repair London E14

5 Star PulsaCoil Review

PulsaCoil A Class Repair London E14

Customer Feedback

I called out my local repair company, and they spent the entire day trying to fix it, they fitted lots of parts and left telling me it would be hot by the morning. Paid £980. Next day no hot water and a very bad smell. I called them back and they said they could not work out what was wrong and to call PulsaCoil Group.

PulsaCoil Group came and found that the cylinder had an airlock and no water in it. The new immersions fitted by my local company had burnt out straight away and had to be replaced again. PulsaCoil Group fixed the problem, and the same day I had hot water.


Response from PulsaCoil Group

Thank you Francis for your feedback, we will pass this on to the engineers. We are glad you now have hot water.

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