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Gledhill PulsaCoil 150L Stainless


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PulsaCoil 150L Stainless

Cylinder cost: £998.71
Materials Installation kit: £432.29
Labour: £568.80
Total installation: £1,999.80 +VAT

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7 to 30-days

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Gledhill PulsaCoil 150L Stainless

A thermal store with open vents is the PulsaCoil Stainless. The cylinder can now be heated from an alternative heat source, like an open-vented gas boiler, despite being primarily manufactured to be heated electrically. It provides mains pressure hot water but, because of its open-vented technology, does not require pressure or temperature relief, necessitating only a small amount of discharge piping and not requiring compliance with G3 Building Regulations.

Hot water for the home is produced by the Gledhill PulsaCoil 150L Stainless via a plate heat exchanger that is very efficient. The reaction time of the hot water supply has been decreased by up to 75% with the installation of the ErP-ready pump, new PCB, software, and flow sensor. When hot water is needed, cold water from the mains is given to the taps and rapidly heated as it travels through the heat exchanger. This method of heating water generally eliminates the risk of legionella. The clever construction makes installation and continuous maintenance easy.

A high-efficiency plate heat exchanger instantly heats entering mains pressure cold water as soon as a hot tap is opened, and the equipment then silently sends it to the point of output.

The cylinder is made of stainless steel and can use off-peak electricity for maximum economics. It is resistant to the corrosive effects of hostile water.

The PulsaCoil Stainless has additional benefits, such as the fact that the immersion components are always submerged in the same primary water, which is never changed and prevents scaling even in locations with hard water. The cylinder’s ability to use the off-peak electrical source lowers operating costs for the homeowner.

As with an unvented cylinder, Pulsacoil Stainless thermal reserves do not require any yearly maintenance.

Buy an installation with

Gledhill PulsaCoil 150L Stainless & Timeclock Installation

£2,573.76 INC VAT
PulsaCoil 150Ltr

Gledhill PulsaCoil 150L Stainless With Scale Inhibitor

£2,597.76 INC VAT
PulsaCoil 150Ltr
Scale Protection

Gledhill PulsaCoil 150L Stainless With Scale Inhibitor & Timeclock

£2,771.76 INC VAT
PulsaCoil 150Ltr
& Scale Protection
& Timeclock

PulsaCoil Stainless Features & Benefits

  • Matching circular feed and expansion tank, with improved aesthetics and reduction in height compared to the previous rectangular option
  • Full insulation over pipework and plate heat exchanger
  • Provides mains pressure hot water
  • Maximises the benefit of available off-peak electricity tariffs
  • No annual maintenance or safety check requirement
  • No discharge pipework
  • Hot water is generated by passing mains cold water through a plate heat exchanger, eliminating any risk of Legionella
  • Option to use a secondary heat source
  • No G3 qualification requirement for installation

The unit has a 5-year cylinder warranty, 12 months parts and labour warranty.

Choice of Right Hand Connections on request with our Sales Team.

Learn More About Our Extended Parts & Labour Warranty

Gledhill PulsaCoil 150L Stainless

Product Specification
Thermal Store
Gledhill PulsaCoil 150L Stainless
Product Code 178246
Type Direct Electric Thermal Store
Sub Type Direct
Colour White
Warranty (Years) 5
Height (mm) 1112
Diameter (mm) 550
Weight Empty (Kg) 35
Weight Full (Kg) 186
Capacity (Litres) 151
Mounting Vertical
Material Stainless Steel
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