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PulsaCoil 2000 No Hot Water
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PulsaCoil 2000
No Hot Water

PulsaCoil Sales, Support, & Repair
PulsaCoil 2000 No Hot Water

Several factors could cause a PulsaCoil 2000 to have no hot water

Faulty Immersion Heater: The immersion heater inside the PulsaCoil 2000 might be faulty or broken. If this is the case, it won’t heat the water, leading to no hot water supply.

Thermostat Issues: Problems with the thermostat, such as it being set too low or being faulty, can prevent the PulsaCoil 2000 from heating the water to the desired temperature.

Airlocks: Airlocks in the system can prevent the flow of hot water. Air can get trapped in the pipes or within the unit itself, disrupting the circulation of hot water.

Limescale Buildup: Limescale buildup within the PulsaCoil 2000 can affect its efficiency and ability to heat water. This buildup can occur over time, especially in hard water areas, and may require descaling or maintenance.

Faulty Pump: If the pump that circulates water within the PulsaCoil 2000 is faulty or not working correctly, it can hinder the distribution of hot water throughout the system.

Electrical Issues: Problems with the electrical supply to the PulsaCoil 2000, such as a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker, can prevent it from functioning properly and heating water.

System Pressure: Low system pressure can lead to issues with water circulation and heating in the PulsaCoil 2000. Checking and adjusting the system pressure can sometimes resolve the problem.

Component Wear and Tear: Over time, various components within the PulsaCoil 2000 can wear out or become damaged, affecting its ability to heat water effectively.

Lack of water in the thermal store: This is generally the result of evaporation or a leak in either the internal thermal cylinder or immersion heater. If the thermostat has locked open, this can lead to steaming or ‘kettling’ of the system, causing water to evaporate internally in the cylinder, and resulting in a lack of hot water at the tap outlets. You can check your hot water levels yourself using our DIY video as a guide.

Failure of the external economy-seven time clock: This can prevent the ‘off-peak’ immersion from heating overnight, leaving the internal cylinder cold.

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