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PulsaCoil 3

PulsaCoil 3
PulsaCoil 3 Sales, Support, & Repair

PulsaCoil 3

PulsaCoil 3 Sales, Support, & Repair

PulsaCoil 3

The difference between a conventional hot water cylinder and a PulsaCoil 3 thermal store is that they both hold hot water and are both heated via immersion heaters. This is where the similarity ends.

The Gledhill PulsaCoil 3 thermal store is filled with hot water that never changes. The heat stored in the Gledhill PulsaCoil 3 is used to heat the tap water using a plate heat exchanger, allowing the hot tap water to be delivered at mains pressure. A conventional system works on gravity feed, with this system you would experience a lower water pressure.

The PulsaCoil 3 was available in sizes  144 | 190 | 210 | 245  LITRES

PulsaCoil 3 operation and maintenance

Making it quick and easy for specifiers, installers and operators (including housing associations, tenants and homeowners) to book a repair, order spare parts, or replace cylinders and thermal stores.

Need a manual?

Common fault?

Need an engineer?

All repairs guaranteed

Fixed-price repairs with no hidden costs

Manufacturer approved engineers

Technically advanced compared to competitors’ models upon original manufacture, the PulsaCoil 3’s electronically driven thermal stores, complex electrical wiring, and circuitry often baffle and perplex plumbers, electricians and heating engineers. PulsaCoil Group provides friendly, fully qualified engineers; expertly trained to repair this specific boiler range. We never subcontract, you can be assured that an engineer booked through us will be directly employed through PulsaCoil Group.

At PulsaCoil we pride ourselves on our honest and open approach, and we’re always upfront and transparent about our customer charging structures. We offer a choice of fixed price or standard hourly rate repairs. All spares are carried in stock on our vehicles allowing repairs to be carried out on the first visit.

Gledhill PulsaCoil 3 was manufactured by Gledhill Water Storage Ltd. between 1999 – 2002.

The PulsaCoil 3 is a direct electric thermal store, rather than a conventional hot water cylinder.

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