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PulsaCoil 2000 Replacement Isleworth TW7
PulsaCoil Sales, Support, & Repair

PulsaCoil 2000
isleworth tw7

PulsaCoil Sales, Support, & Repair
Case Study
primrose place, tw7

Pulsacoil replacement - Primrose Place, Isleworth, TW7 5BA

Vicky of Primrose Place, Isleworth called us to come and repair her boiler.
Key Repair Features
Unfortunately engineers noticed many indicators of a split cylinder and that the boiler was beyond economical repair. Engineers attended the following week to install a new boiler and Vicky has had hot water ever since.

5 Star PulsaCoil Review

PulsaCoil 2000 Replacement
Primrose Place TW7 5BA

Customer Feedback

Thank you to the engineers that replaced my boiler. It wasn’t cheap but it is now working and hopefully I won’t have any issues for the foreseeable future.


Response from PulsaCoil Group

Thank you Vicky for your feedback, we will pass this on to the engineers. We are glad you now have hot water.

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